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Digital menu for your restaurant

Ordering without waiting is standard in many places around the world. Waitless supports the waiter by giving the menu and taking the order. Abandoning the traditional menus and limiting contact between guests and service, you will increase the level of safety of both customers and the whole team.

Our offer


Discover the most important features of Waitless, which will save employees' time and your money.

QR codes

The restaurant's menu will be available immediately to any customer. Just scan the QR code available on each table.

Manage the menu

You will avoid printing the menu after each change or for a new lunch offer that appears every day. All you need is to edit the menu in Waitless.

Call the waiter

The customer of your restaurant will notify the waiter of the need to approach the table with one click.

Table map

You know exactly what each table ordered. You quickly know which place is hot and which one needs better positioning.

Self - pickup

If the restaurant customer selects the 'order and self - pickup' option, he will receive an notification when the order is ready for collection.


You will provide the safety of guests. Non-contact order, no paper menu, keeping a distance.

Try Waitless.

Try Waitless.

Use the camera to scan the visible QR code
Make a test order

Orders are not confirmed in the DEMO application. The data are reset every 24 hours.

Start using Waitless.

$24 net / one-time fee

After paying for the order, we will send the access data to the panel and the Manager application to your e-mail address, where you will be able to complete the configuration process, enter the menu, add employee accounts and start saving with Waitless.


Everything else you should know about Waitless.

  • What are the benefits for my restaurant?

    You will save employees' time by optimizing the time of serving guests and their stay in the restaurant. By resigning from the traditional menu, as well as limiting the contact between staff and guests, you will increase the level of safety for both customers and the entire team. Focusing on modern technologies, you will stay ahead of the competition.

  • What are the benefits for restaurant guests?

    From now on, you can order your favorite dishes without queues, cumbersome waiting, and impatience! Ordering without waiting will appeal to every restaurant guest. Giving up the traditional menu will increase the comfort of ordering and level of safety.

  • How much does it cost to use Waitless?

    To work properly, the application requires a purchased and active at least one order package. The entire system is designed so that our customers do not incur unnecessary costs. The packages are planned in such a way that the manager of any type of restaurant business can choose the right plan for themselves and their guests.

  • How to start using Waitless?

    Without formalities and without waiting. Go to the Waitless menu page or download Waitless for free from Google Play or the Apple Store. Test the features and select the option of packages tailored to your business and your needs. Start saving time and money.

  • Do I have to sign a contract?

    No. By using Waitless, you accept the regulations. Waitless can support your restaurant and team immediately. By focusing on innovation in guest service, stay ahead of the competition and introduce a new standard today. Start saving time and money without waiting, paperwork or fees.

  • Can guests pay with Waitless?

    Soon, guests will be able to pay for the order online and the commission-free money will go directly to your account. We are also planning an option to leave a tip! :) Waitless is a new functional standard of guest service.

  • Can I resign from Waitless and when?

    Cancellation is possible at any time, without unnecessary formalities and period of notice. We will read with interest any comments regarding the functionality and usability of Waitless.


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